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Facilities and general information


Your dog will have its own secure, fully insulated and centrally heated kennel. Kennels have separate indoor and outdoor runs.

The bed and cosy bedding provided by us will be thoroughly cleaned and dried before use, and any soiled bedding is replaced immediately. Guests are welcome to bring along their own toys and ‘comfort items’ however it is our preference to provide all beds and bedding for all residents.

Each dog is walked twice daily which gives us the opportunity to interact with your dog and ensure they are happy and settled. All kennels are thoroughly cleaned daily and any ‘misdemeanours’ are dealt with promptly throughout the day.

Our attention means that you can relax knowing that your pet is receiving first class attention.

Our kennels


Each cat is housed within its own insulated and centrally heated chalet. Sleeping areas are lined with washable melamine to enable us to maintain meticulous hygiene standards. Each chalet has its own generous play area covered from the elements but open to fresh air. The bed and cosy bedding provided by us will be thoroughly washed and dried before use, and any soiled bedding is replaced immediately. Guests are welcome to bring along toys and comfort items.

Your cat can contemplate the mysteries of the walled garden from their chalet, or use the exercise run for climbing and grooming. To ensure security, access to each run is through an escape-proof safety passage. Cats are regularly handled and stroked (if they allow) to ensure we can be sure they are happy and content during their stay with us.

Cat chalets are cleaned daily and inspected regularly throughout the day. Any misdemeanours are dealt with in a timely fashion to ensure your cat is kept clean and happy

And relax


Top quality food only is provided for all dogs and cats, with every effort made to feed your pet the same diet as he/she has at home to assist in minimising stress. Prescription diets are accepted through prior consultation with our trained staff.

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Hours of Business: For delivery and collection

In order to minimise the disturbance to our residents, customers are kindly requested to observe the following business hours:

Monday – Saturday
10am to 12pm
(and 2pm to 5pm by appointment only)

10am to 12pm

Bank/Public Holidays
10am to 12pm only

Various items


All dogs must have an up to date vaccination against Parvo Virus, Leptospirosis, Distemper and Infectious Hepatitis. An Intrac vaccination against Infectious Bronchitis (kennel Cough) is also required. (You must request this from your vet because it is not included in the annual booster)

All cats must have an up to date vaccination against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.

A valid certificate of vaccination must be produced before admission.


The health of the boarding pets is of prime concern. The owner must give assurance that their pet is in a fit and healthy condition; free of any skin troubles and parasites; and has not recently been in contact with infectious disease. Any pet showing signs of ill health may not be admitted (at the management’s discretion). Owners are requested to inform us if their bitch is in season or likely to be so during her stay. Unmanageable animals may be refused admission (or returned at the management’s discretion).


A full days board will be charged for both the day of arrival and departure. Bank Holiday – a small surcharge may be applied during bank holiday periods. Details can be found in our reception.


All accounts must be settled in full before your pet leaves the premises. The management reserves the right to request a deposit. Fees for long term stays are payable monthly in advance. We accept cash, cheques and all major credit and debit cards.

Veterinary Service

The owner authorises the management to engage veterinary assistance for pet(s) if considered necessary and undertakes to settle any expenses (not covered by the kennel insurance) at the time of collection. Should the services of a vet be required we will endeavour to use your own veterinary practitioners. If this is not possible, our own excellent veterinary advisors will assist (24 hour call out), with inter veterinary cross reference to the animals health records.


Veterinary cover is provided whilst your pet is in our care


You can rest assured that your pet will be kept in extremely clean conditions throughout their stay with us. The kennels are kept dry and clean every day and soiled bedding is changed immediately.


All toys, leads and other personal property are welcome, but left entirely at the owner’s risk, and whilst every care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for their safe return. All possible care is given to resident dogs/cats, but it is clearly understood that all pets are accepted only at the owner’s risk (other domestic pets can be accepted by arrangement). All bookings are subject to our full Terms & Conditions which are available on request.

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